“The Dream Giver” Bruce Wilkinson

About five years ago I received a wonderful gift from a person I deeply love. That gift was a little book. It was a moment in my life when I was preparing myself to start a journey that, I had not understood yet, it had begun a long time ago. Anyway, I decided to quickly read that little story, finishing the first half of the book (the one I will talk about in this post), in just a few minutes.
I was stunned! That was My Story! Told in a really special, simple and masterly way by Bruce Wilkinson.
It is the story of Ordinary, a simple man who one day discovered he had born to achieve a magnificent dream and fight for it. But Ordinary had a life, a very quite, passive and comfortable life. He always had lived in the same city, surrounded by the same people. He always had the same routine and he never asked to himself if he wanted to change something about his life. Until the day he discovered his dream.

El dador de sueños (1)In that point of the story there is a break out in Ordinary´s world. He starts to feel that he has to move on to the “Unknown”; that he has to leave all what he knows in order to start his Great Adventure. An adventure that he is not sure about how it will end, he is not even sure what will be the next step, but at least he is decided enough to do the first movement! It takes more than a lot of sacrifices for Ordinary to pursue his dream. He faces his loved ones, he faces his fears, but finally, he faces his destiny.

For me there are three main points in this story:

1. If we do not have expectations (you can call them dreams), then there is nothing to fight for. But if we have it, there is no other option than go for them, and no matter how many sacrifices or obstacles you have to go through. You will find the faith, the will, the wisdom and the help to do it.
2. Every transformative process will go accompanied by risks. That is like the sea and the seagrass. You will not have the assurance of success. You will have to invest a lot in the process and I am not talking just about material stuff. Everything will be a new challenge, because you left your comfort zone, that means that you left all what you knew and that you are in front of a completely Unknown picture, and that you are in fact, only by yourself. All your thoughts, decisions and actions will be exclusively yours, you are your responsibility.
3. Each step in the process will teach you one or many things, depends on how much you will be able to see. Each new achievement will come with a profound sense of gratification about yourself and about the life. You will discover that you are not alone and that you never were. You will be surprised about your own strengths and you will develop a bigger passion for living and for go ahead.

“The journey toward your Big Dream changes you. In fact, the journey itself is what prepares you to succeed at what you were born to do.”
Bruce Wilkinson

I read this book, “The Dream Giver”, every time I feel a little bit down and it is always producing the same sensation for me, it is like a breath. Sometimes we just need a push, and sometimes one push is not enough and we need two. What I am trying to say is that we cannot stop. We are all Dreamers, we only need to start to do our baby steps toward our dream. So, if you did it already I send you my profound admiration; if you are on the road, I hope you have the patience and the love to succeed, do not hesitate to ask for help because you will find it. At last but not at least, if you still are in your comfort zone, look inside yourself, ask to yourself for what you love most and go for it!

El dador de sueños (2)

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